Russians Hack Vermont Utility?


Looks like the story was made up by the Washington Post. BOO on them! Here’s a great write-up about the incident by Forbes.

Original Story:

Many major U.S. media outlets are reporting today that a Vermont electrical utility was hacked by the Russians. U.S. officials have told reporters that the hacking was part of a Russian operation dubbed ‘Grizzly Steppe.’

Regardless of this proves true or not, it highlights the vulnerability of America’s aging electrical infrastructure. In the case of a major military conflict, it is easy to imagine that much of the war will be fought in Cyberspace. One only has to think back to July 8, 2015 when the New York Stock Exchange, Wallstreet Journal, and United Airlines fell victim to simultaneous cyber attacks. Despite everyone claiming they weren’t hacked, we all know what really happened…

Read: Original story from the Washington Post



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