My New Year Prepper Resolutions

It’s A New Year To Get Off Your Butt and Get Your Family Prepped!

With it now being the beginning of 2017, most of us have made a few goals for how to make our lives better over the next 365 days. I’m gonna guess that weight loss is the #1 goal (I’m on that train too), but how about some more interesting resolutions.

Here are my 5 biggest resolutions for preparing my family for the unexpected in 2017:

1. Remember to inventory my Bug-out-bag every 4 months.

When was the last time you inventoried your bug-out-bag? You know, make sure the food is still good, cycled out the water, checked the batteries, etc? The last thing you need in an SHTF or bug-out situation is turning to your preps to find that your food is spoiled, your water has green floaties in it, and your batteries are dead.

Looking for a premade bug out bag? Check this one out on Amazon!

2. Get off my butt and put a Get-Home-Bag in my car

I know, I’ve been prepping all of my life and I don’t have a proper GHB in my car… Procrastination affects the best of us right? In my defense, I do have some SOS rations, a first aid kit, flashlight, blanket and some water in my car. But I’d still like it to be a lite version of my BOB at home.

3. Be more involved in the Prepper Community

Because my family always had emergency preparedness as a part of our lives it never occurred to me that prepping would be a novel concept to anyone. Then I started working in the emergency preparedness industry and my eyes were opened. I’m a habitual lurker on SurvivalistBoards, but I plan on being more involved in the conversations this year. You should too. Lots of good info and advice there.

4. Advocate for the need to prep

This blog is a big part of that. I want to help people realize that emergency preparedness is not about zombies, foreign military invasions, or fighting the police state. Emergency preparedness is about making sure your family is physically, financially, and mentally prepped to deal with unexpected bumps in the road of life. If you would like to help with that, please join the Prepper Reader Guide Facebook page, and follow on Twitter.

5. Learn new skills

This is a big one. I’ve recently started knife making, and I want to get better at that this year. I also want to learn some new brain skills and advance my mathematics. I’m going to be using Khan Academy and try and learn calculus this year. One thing I’ve learned in life is that it is always good to learn new skills. Do I anticipate needing calculus in a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation? No, of course not. But it can never hurt to have more skills.

What are your top 5 prepper resolutions this year? Let me know in the comments below or let me know on Facebook!

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